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December 20, 2010
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Spore-MoA by Mistress-of-Air Spore-MoA by Mistress-of-Air
Guess who played with Spore Creature Creator...

I have only the basic version and Spore can never colour anything too correct (eye colour changes with colour options and especially these human skin coloured parts which cannot be corrected are jnvjdsvknsdnl)...yet I'm not too sure should I cry or laugh to this Spore-MoA. She ate all the usable money (exactly, nothing was left)...and, well, she got all the details (even helmet!) BUT...she's still ridiculous. |D She has flippers on her head, for example...anatomy is a bit so-so. But she can show pretty good expressions - they are so myself.

...Now to sleep, I just had to submit this for cause nightmares or something.

What is Spore.

Who is MoA.
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Awww, its so cute
I have Spore too =D
Kiminuria Dec 22, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
Lol...It´s a very nice aplication. I used the free version to make some of my characters time ago.

Hey!At least you could say it´s MoA x).
i have spore, but i cant use it, cause i dont have a mother f***ing dvd drive to insert the disc into... i hate my computer, its a piece of sh**.
öööö on totaaah....joo se ei oikeestaan näytä MoAlta yhtään...sorry =w="
mutta kiva kun olet silleen koittanut tehdä hahmostasi tällaisen..vaikken itse tätä kyseistä hommaa arvosta... :)
Mistress-of-Air Dec 21, 2010   Traditional Artist
Psht. Spore on hauska peli. Ja tähän väliin että yritäs itte ja sano sitte.
no voin sanoa jo niiden otusten perusteella mitä ihmiset on siinä tehneet että ei kiitos..ei todellakaan.... <.<
Schwarznebel Dec 21, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
I have 100% spore version at home. It kinda wins and fails at many points.
Wins are of course whole creator designer and wild-life mode in beginning of the game. BUT it pisses me off that even when you use the OFFICIAL more-dna-points cheat you CAN´T play the monster. Thanks for letting create things and then forbid to use it >Offline< at your OWN damn created planet <_<"
Second things are human-skin-colored parts. Simply annoying and I don´t get the idea behind those either. Third are too less color variety.

I don’t mind graphics. Childish designs, game play or anything. (Okay. let´s say I liked first-idea of CRUEL spore more. Let me take the corpses away, add cannibalize fish-step and include blood again! :< But no that is not suitable for children even though most people who play it are +18 anyways... Now we´ll get a "dark Spore" but that one will most possible not a real creator-designer anymore but a hero-designer with MUST-science fiction parts. Duh.) Whatever. BUT give me at least he damn freedom to use my monster at my planets! :”<

Spore idea is nice - I created MANY monsters there, even some from deviantArt artists and it was fun. But since you can’t even take a video how the look like when they are flying/fighting/whatever and I don´t have the patience anymore to spent even more days to try to edit the basic files, I stopped that two months ago |> Spore did everything to forbid wannabe-freedom for no good reasons. Mör D:"
When ypu like to ONLY cerate monsters thought it can be really nice/funny x3

Still: Creature itself looks kinda MoA-ish and not to the same time x) But at least the face suits pretty pretty much! :3 helmet just works <3
Mistress-of-Air Dec 22, 2010   Traditional Artist
Gomis give me Spore for free...(I'm looking for Creepy & Cute extra parts if I can find it somewhere) I still don't care to play it but I like create creatures and try how accurate creatures I can get with limited colours, parts, detailness and points. BD (I just tried Lusse yesterday...goddamn small wings, horns of course cannot be blue and mouth is horrible (thanks to skin colour).

...Okay now I got a bad mental image... I you have already created some creatures, Spore adds them randomly into your game while you're playing... Okay, WHAT IF you had that "dark" Spore and you should eat some of those creatures... I seriously would feel awkward if I had do something cruel to a bunch of wannabe-MoAs... |'D
Schwarznebel Dec 23, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
I know only illegal ways as always or could recommend clever as I am eBay or Amazon. Yei... No idea where to get CC-version in Finland D:"

When you only create things I could recommend you the "freedom"-cheat. it allows you to add double amount of details and is no real cheat at all since it is included in Spore itself. (It is a way to make complex monsters but forbids to sue them...)

It would be pretty weird to see more than one MoA yes x"D But it is so much fun to fly with them around :"<
(At least I´d would have liked to see Zirempses flying without wings. But noooo all those trainers/cheats/mods/file-editors doesn´t work |>)
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